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Old School Band

The Old School Band is one of the longest established and most experienced ceilidh bands in the North West of England.
We specialise exclusively in playing for ceilidhs, hoedowns and barndances, blending traditional tunes and instruments into a foot-tapping sound that has provided the foundation for countless weddings, parties, anniversaries and fundraising events.
The  aim of an Old School Band ceilidh has always been to ensure a good time for everybody, from absolute beginners to seasoned dancers. We work with a very limited number of experienced callers who usually begin the evening with easy dances that everyone can join in, and maybe progress to something a little more adventurous if everyone feels like it!

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What Do We Do?


The Music

The Old School Band‘s core repertoire is based on the traditional dance music of England, Ireland and Scotland and includes well-known tunes, some lesser-known tunes and some tunes composed by the band. All tunes are carefully chosen to suit the dances.

We always consider the tastes of our customers in planning the music for the evening. With our wide range of instruments and flexible PA system we can accommodate both traditional acoustic and modern electric styles – most customers like a blend of both in the same evening and we are never too loud to inconvenience those who just want to chat.



One of the most challenging tasks in planning your wedding is choosing the right entertainment for the evening reception. The younger generation will have energy to burn, the older generation may not like the noise levels associated with some forms of entertainment. An Old School Band ceilidh is the perfect answer to this dilemma because:

• It appeals to everyone – no one will feel excluded
• The band isn’t too loud – you could still talk to people
• The band isn’t too quiet either!
• Instruments are amplified to a perfect balance through our BOSE PA system
• The music appeals to all ages
• No previous ceilidh experience is necessary
• It gets both families and all guests involved
• It makes it easy to mix with others
• You will remember it for all the right reasons



The Old School Band’s dance callers are vastly experienced and will ensure that everyone enjoys the evening. We believe it is important to get as many people involved as possible and unless otherwise informed we assume no prior knowledge of ceilidh dancing. That said, if you have a special dance you would like, just ask and we will be happy to oblige.

Typical dances include Gay Gordons, Lucky Seven, Circassian Circle, Oxo Reel, Dashing White Sergeant, Cumberland Square Eight, Bridge of Athlone, Foula Reel and, of course, waltzes.

Our emphasis is on involvement and fun!


How Do We Sound?

Starting with our state of the art Bose sound system, the Old School Band sound is supported by guitar and bass guitar. The melody is provided by violin, or mandolin, or tenor banjo, plus electric lead guitar, in ever-changing combinations throughout the evening.

All musicians thoroughly know the idiom, and are proficient on at least three Instruments. Light hand held percussion is often supplied.

Whilst we obviously play ceilidh music, we don’t rubbish popular tastes! We sincerely hope you will be entertained!


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Electric & acoustic guitars,
tenor guitar, banjo


Acoustic guitar, mandolin,
bass guitar



Thank you all very much for making M’s and T’s wedding so enjoyable with your wonderfully entertaining music. All our guests thoroughly enjoyed the evening, commenting on the great atmosphere.

We would highly recommend you!

J & C

J&C B.



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