Back in Black

Lemmy dead ? it’s up to Keef now to fly the flag for R&R excess, anyway, back in the Ceilidh world, that other hard bitten gigging machine roars into action for 2016 !
We’ve got a really busy gig list after a quiet October, November, December for last year, this one is looking really interesting and alive, with lots of weddings, birthdays, and celebrations of all sorts.
We are nearly full for Spring, and Summer is looking good also. The last couple of years have been problematic in August, with Band Member’s holidays, or other gigs, but late August might be possible “at a push”.
If you want to check us out before you book, we are on at “Phoenix Ceilidhs” on 8th April, try “Googling” their website for details.
So on we go, if you want us, I recommend you BOOK NOW !