Phoenix Rising

Once upon a time, a Ceilidh session was about to fold, nobody was coming along to the nights. Then they booked the Old School Band, and Lo, there was light, the nights were rescued, a miracle you might say, or just a good band maybe …
And so it came to pass that many weird and wonderful Ceilidh Bands came up from the South, wielding strange instruments, everything but the Kitchen Sink, and everything ut the Old School Band, an omission that did not go without comment in Band circles ..
Now mr Joe Public, after many many gigs elsewhere, we return to the true Bosom of Folk Dance..The Phoenix Ceilidhs !
We are appearing on the 8th April, they are held at Adlington & District Community Centre, Railway Road, Adlington PR6 9RF.
a good chance to see us if you are thinking of booking us in the Autumn, or early next year. We are not taking any more bookings for May, June, July ,and August