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Chip in for Charity

It’s rare  that we do an open Ceilidh that you can attend, so we are doubly looking forward to this gig at Chipping. If you’re on the verge of booking, here’s your chance to see us in action. Here are the details as supplied by Bob….. Family Ceilidh Chipping Village… Read More »Chip in for Charity

OMG He’s at it Again

As not the only lapsed Librarian in our Band I’m hearing about Libraries being closed, or run by volunteers ! Good old “Mega Society” NOT !!! Perhaps as these Eton Boys strip civilisation back to Victorian Times, our Music will also be trendy again. Hey why stop there ??, do… Read More »OMG He’s at it Again

Happy New Year

Hello again, I wish all, especially potential customers a Happy New Year. Did your pipes burst in the Cold Snap ? Did you needto call a Plumber ? I bet you didn’t do it by price comparison. I have said before, try getting five of them on a Saturday night !!.… Read More »Happy New Year