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How Loud is Loud ?

Do you want your wedding reception to be deafeningly loud ? I have already gone on about Dee Jays in this section. On Saturday, we met an “Old Friend^, Howard Rudge, Toastmaster extraordinaire, whom we’ve seen at many a Samlesbury Hall wedding, and book him if you want your day… Read More »How Loud is Loud ?

blatant self advertisement

So, you’ve put up with my blogs, so what’s my game ? Well I’ve been holding down the Rhythm part of this band for many years ! I do believe some members feel it beneath their dignity to stoop so low, but Ha Ha, without that solid beat, we would… Read More »blatant self advertisement

Hello Surfers

Our readership of one (Hey Roger) complained that I hadn’t done a Blog for a while, so here goes …We are in the middle of a Threesome at the moment. Roger called for us at the Villa in Wrea Green, a storming success with a fantastic wedding party, one of… Read More »Hello Surfers