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Into Battle again

Off to breakfast out, then early supermarket on a Sunday, as is my habit, coming home, why are there Riot police everywhere ? Oh yes, it’s the first game of our illustrious newly promoted Footie team, and there’s a marauding army from the North East coming down for mortal combat.… Read More »Into Battle again

Do you mind ?

Was it the case that when Michaelangelo finished the Sistine Chapel, someone came up and said “Excuse me the Pope wants to know if you wouldn’t mind painting his shed while you#ve got your brushes out”. We often get the request to do a spot of DJ’ing after the Ceilidh.… Read More »Do you mind ?

Per Ardua ad Astra

Of course you knew this, but my title for this blog shows how we have to go through all sorts of trials trying to perform well at gigs, and thus be stars, Geddit ? This year alone we’ve driven onto muddy fields to perform in a circus tent, and we… Read More »Per Ardua ad Astra

Wot’s Cool

Well OMG and LOL (I think I know what these mean). Has the Old School Band joined the 21st Century or wot ? Fans of the band (well maybe Roger) can now access our FACEBOOK page, make sure you include Ceilidh in the title, or you get some American bluegrass… Read More »Wot’s Cool

A New Venue

When you have done as many gigs as us, there are a lot of repeats of venues we have done in the past, but not many good new ones We always love Samlesbury Hall, but I can tell you that some venues, and they feature in Posh County Set Magazines… Read More »A New Venue

A Chance to see us !

On Saturday 28th February we are doing a Charity Ceilidh Dance for the British Heart Foundation at St Teresa’a Social Club, Queensway, Penwortham, Telephone 0754 0606 763 for further details. This is your ideal chance to see us in action if you are thinking of booking us in the next… Read More »A Chance to see us !

Are You Covered ?

Although we are by definition a “Semi- Professional” outfit, we like to think we deal with bookings in a totally professional manner. This is not the Case with all Bands, I can’t say who was at fault, but we recently had a desperate plea from a client who claimed they… Read More »Are You Covered ?

Phil’s New Year Recipe

My dear old mother wanted me to marry a Delia Smith Type, because she looked so nice, but much later even Delia described herself as” a bit of a Bitch”, pity I didn’t know it, or I would then have fancied her ! Anyway dear reader(s), here’s the recipe for… Read More »Phil’s New Year Recipe

Christmas Greetings

Well here we are again, anybody who reads these blogs (Roger ?) knows I’m a Comet Guy, rather than a God one (ah but did he put the water and virus on the Comet that caused life on our Planet, but why did he wait Millions of years to create… Read More »Christmas Greetings


Stop press ! Soon after posting my last blog, I received an Email from Dave, because we had just done a 60th birthday party for his neighbour, for whom we had played before at a previous function. The party at St Joseph’s Chorley, the best for such parties in Chorley,… Read More »Postscript