Do you mind ?

Was it the case that when Michaelangelo finished the Sistine Chapel, someone came up and said “Excuse me the Pope wants to know if you wouldn’t mind painting his shed while you#ve got your brushes out”.
We often get the request to do a spot of DJ’ing after the Ceilidh. Seeing as this often happens, people must not have an idea how much work goes into an rvening’s entertainment, plus overheads, rehearsals, years of learning to play, travelling, loading, unloading. If you break all this down, we come pretty cheap, as do all but the most famous musicians. take a skilled worker like a plaster, emplioy five of them on a Saturday night, double time, and compare the Bill.
I wake up in the morning as a rather mixed up Musician and music teacher, if I suffered the quite Kafkaesque fate of waking up as a DJ, I would put my head in the oven (Does it work for natural Gas ?)
So please don’t ask, similarly we do mind loaning out our sound system “Just for the wedding speeches^, and “you don’t mind if we have a disco at buffet time”.
So book us for a Ceilidh, we’re the best for the job, other jobs, get someone else.