Into Battle again

Off to breakfast out, then early supermarket on a Sunday, as is my habit, coming home, why are there Riot police everywhere ? Oh yes, it’s the first game of our illustrious newly promoted Footie team, and there’s a marauding army from the North East coming down for mortal combat. Time to lock the door then, I’m convinced that even the atmosphere is full of menace when these “wars” are on, and any drunken triumphalism or whatever, after the event is to be avoided for the next 12hours !!
Whilst our “Cultural Heroes” are dubbining their boots, the Old School Band is in recess, and I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying a rest, even though we turned down gig after gig in August. If we were a business this might be described as “Commercial Suicide”, still, we are mega busy in September and October, so after another week or so of layoff, it will be dust off the steel toed trainers (those bloody guitar cases are heavy !) and off to battle.
Just to let you know, November,December, January and February are fairly free, it gets busier after that. Next August ?? probably unavailable alas.
PS I forgot to mention in the last blog, if a venue asks us to turn up early to set up, we are charging extra at £50.00 an hour. Try keeping a bunch of skilled electricians doing nothing for four hours on a Saturday night,