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Dancing One of the most challenging tasks in planning your wedding is choosing the right entertainment for the evening reception. The younger generation will have energy to burn, the older generation may not like the noise levels associated with some forms of entertainment. An Old School Band ceilidh is the perfect answer to this dilemma because:

  •  It appeals to everyone - no one will feel excluded
  •  The band isn't too loud - you could still talk to people
  •  The band isn't too quiet either - we can rock with the best of them!
  •  All instruments are amplified to a perfect balance
  •  The music appeals to all ages
  •  No previous ceilidh experience is necessary
  •  It gets both families and all guests involved
  •  It makes it easy to mix with others
  •  You will remember it for all the right reasons

Dancing The most successful wedding evenings are, in our experience, those at which the ceilidh is the sole event. However, many couples feel they would like a disco too and this works well when the ceilidh opens the evening and the disco closes it. The important thing to us is that you have the evening you want - we would hope you would be happy to recommend us to others!

Remember, we have years of experience of playing at weddings and can help with advice and guidance in planning this important event. Ring the Band on 01254 878149 or 01257 278527 for a no-obligation no-fee chat about things.

Seeing is believing - why not have a look at our appraisals page.

We can also provide ambient live music - Renaissance, Celtic or solo classical guitar - for the meal. If you are interested in this service, ring 01254 878149.